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John Schlia
John Schlia
Small Business Owner
John Schlia
Husband and Father
About John Schlia

Why do people always take my photo when I am working a wedding? Is it because of my stunning good looks? Naturally. The real reason is because I am having just as much fun as the guests.

I grew up swimming in photo chemicals in my father’s darkroom. I carried my love of photography through high school and on to the University at Buffalo, where I majored in Photography and learned how to visually tell a story and create art. After graduation I started my own business and I love every minute of it. My favorite part is after I get home and rest from the long days work, I relive the whole wedding over as I edit the photos.

My goal is to capture you as you are. I am honored when my clients invite me into their lives. I am proud of my work and I enjoy sharing it with my clients, who in turn enjoy sharing it with their friends and family.

Kids !
Weddings Photographed
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They like me, they really like me.

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