Rochester Fringe Festival 2013

How many shows can I attend out of 360 ? So far 24. And that was only in 4 days ! Below you will find a cornucopia of images from

Bandaloop Practice for the 2013 Rochester Fringe Festival

I couldn’t think of a better (or more frightening) way to spend my Thursday than being on the roof with Bandaloop while they practiced ! Today is the first day

Ventosa Vineyards Wedding – Alex and Dan

I love spending time with Alex and Dan. They are such a kind hearted, funny couple. I met them last year when I photographed Shannon and Brian’s wedding. Alex and

Our Adirondacks Vacation

Hello friends! I was looking at my calendar at the beginning of the wedding season and saw one free weekend in September. I drew a heart around the date and

Wedding Attack Photo – Star Wars AT-AT Walker

This photo gets a post of its own. Alex and Dan wanted to do a wedding party attack photo with a dino. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind something

Wedding – Fredonia, NY – Barlow’s Mill – Heather and Leah

Heather and Leah are one of those couples that you can tell how much they are in love by just looking at them. I graduated from high school with Heather,

Wedding – Sheridan, NY – Dunkirk Moose – St. Columban’s on the Lake – Laura and James

Laura and James had great weather for their perfect day. Their wedding started in a cute little church in Sheridan, NY. After the ceremony we headed to St. Columban’s on

2013 Al Sigl Sports Classic and Jerry Flynn Children’s Classic

What a day for golf ! ¬†June 10th saw a lot of golf action. In the morning I was hitting the links with Gilda’s Club of Rochester for their 10th

Knapp Winery Wedding – Courtney and Jamie

Courtney and Jamie love literature, wine and The Orioles. They have a great story which I will attempt to sum up; One day a man named Jay was reading a

Why You Should Avoid Stock Photography

I love collaborating with my clients on a new and interesting idea. It is very satisfying to give them what they are looking for. I do understand that sometimes, photography