Canandaigua Engagement – Eva and Chris

These guys are super cute ! Eva and Chris are the winners of the Winter in Love Photo Contest that I held in January. I wish that they worked for

Add a 2nd Photographer by the 2nd

I didn’t take the photo on the left, but these were taken at the same wedding at the same time. How did this happen ? No, I am not a

Lori and Bryan – German House Wedding – Rochester, NY

I introduced you to Lori and Bryan last week. Lori is a super great photographer friend and Bryan is an awesome comedian pal. As I mentioned in my earlier post,

Thank You Rochester Hearing and Speech

Look at these little gems. Being a photographer can actually be a physically demanding job. During a wedding or other event, I will sometimes sacrifice my body to get a

My Son’s Birthday Party

Pirates are cool. If you’re a kid, pirates are awesome. Recently my son discovered the joy of candy sushi. I didn’t think he would appreciate a Japanese themed party, so

Rochester South Wedge Engagement – Lori and Bryan

Next week I will be with my friends Lori and Bryan. For those of you who don’t know, my girlfriend Anna is a comedian. I was introduced to Bryan through

Ossia New Music – Eastman School of Music

The final concert of the season. On March 29th, Ossia wrapped up their season in Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music. Ossia performs contemporary music that might not otherwise

Gilda’s Bachelor Auction 2013 – Harro East Ballroom

Gilda’s Club threw an amazing party and while they were at it, they managed to raise $33,000 ! They crushed the record that they set last year. The Bachelor Auction

Roc Boxing

A few weeks ago Dana asked me to come in and work with the team at ROC Boxing. I went over and played around a bit, with the intention of

Digital Photography Classes – Rochester, NY

Hi there. Do you have a digital camera, but are afraid to take it off of the AUTO setting ? Sign up for my class ! Last Fall I taught