Fantasy Wedding at the Robach Community Center – Kerry and Matt

Matt, Kerry and I have been friends for a few years, he and I are both members of DNO. I’m always thrilled to photograph for my friends. It makes the

Genesee Valley Park and University of Rochester Wedding – Kayleigh and Josh

Kayleigh is the Director of Special Events for the Al Sigl Community of Agencies, and I have worked with her on several events over the past few years. When she

Keuka Lake Wedding – Jessie and Matthew

Jessie and Matthew are in the Air Force and for a long time Matthew was stationed in Japan, away from Jessie. Their (re)union was held at his grandparent’s home on

Artisan Works Wedding – Noelle and Rich

Noelle and Rich are just a great couple. I love their very relaxed, “whatever happens” demeanor.  That’s something that I noticed from the first time I met them, something else

Ventosa Vineyards Wedding – Nadine and Ryan

What I love most about Nadine and Ryan is their laugh! They both have such great laughs, that you will see them all over these photos. Nadine lived out of

Rochester Memorial Art Gallery Wedding – Emily and Vinh

Emily and Vinh are a truly great couple. I knew from the first time we met that their wedding would be a fun and energetic one. I’ve enjoyed every minute

Wedding Attack Photo – Star Wars AT-AT Walker

This photo gets a post of its own. Alex and Dan wanted to do a wedding party attack photo with a dino. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind something

Wedding – Fredonia, NY – Barlow’s Mill – Heather and Leah

Heather and Leah are one of those couples that you can tell how much they are in love by just looking at them. I graduated from high school with Heather,

Wedding – Sheridan, NY – Dunkirk Moose – St. Columban’s on the Lake – Laura and James

Laura and James had great weather for their perfect day. Their wedding started in a cute little church in Sheridan, NY. After the ceremony we headed to St. Columban’s on

Knapp Winery Wedding – Courtney and Jamie

Courtney and Jamie love literature, wine and The Orioles. They have a great story which I will attempt to sum up; One day a man named Jay was reading a